Get Past Creative Blocks and Find Your Inner Creativity

If you’re like us, working on the creative side of marketing can be tough on those days when your creative juices just aren’t flowing. Working closely with clients, writing engaging blogs, and finding new ways to automate your marketing strategies requires you to be creative, even when you feel like you can’t be.

You know what we’re talking about, right? When you experience a full creative shut down and you can’t seem to type another word or finish a task. Or, the inability to form a single creative thought even if your life depended on it. Then, it’s usually followed by a complete lack of inspiration and from there everything just gets worse. 

You’re likely familiar with these days — everybody has them! But, remember there is nothing wrong with having days like these. They aren’t for a lack of trying or the product of laziness because we all know if you could produce something creative, you would. But sometimes you just need a little spark… 

Read our list of ways to find your inner creativity to help you get back on track!

How to Find Your Inner Creativity

1. Create lists

“Listing” can be liberating for the mind and free up space for more creative thoughts and ideas. You can find your inner creativity more easily when your mind isn’t bogged down trying to remember the millions of things you need to get done.

2. Always have a notebook close by

There’s really no way to know when a creative idea or thought will pop into your head. Keep a notebook (or let’s be honest, in this day and age… iPhone notes) near you at all times so you won’t forget it later.

3. Write even when you don’t have to

If you only write when you have to, you won’t get any better at it.

Try doing some personal blogging or journaling in your own time. This is a great way to test your creative limits and experiment with different writing styles or ideas.

4. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Some days the creative juices just aren’t flowing and that’s completely fine! Don’t be so hard on yourself, having to find your inner creativity is a process. If you’re doing your best then that’s all anyone can ask for. Give yourself a pat on the back and keep moving down the list, one of these 20 tips is bound to get you going.

5. Step away from the screen

There’s no better way to stifle a person’s creativity than by sitting them in front of a computer screen for hours on end. Whatever “stepping away” means for you, get up and do it. Grab a snack, chat with a coworker, or play with a pup (if your office is pet-friendly like ours). By the time you sit back down, your mind will feel refreshed.

6. Sip coffee

Caffeine is the drug of choice for many creative individuals. A strong cup of coffee can do wonders for your work. Espresso or latte, hot or cold — it doesn’t matter. Creativity and coffee brew together!

7. Have a jam session

In other words, take a break and simply let loose to some good music. Dancing along with music is known to have powerful psychological benefits and can help you get past writer’s block.

8. Be open

This is one of our favorite tips to find your inner creativity: be open to new things. There’s no telling what a new experience, friend, way of thinking, outlook, or location could do for your creativity. Us being on the creative side of marketing, we try to implement this as often as possible!

9. Ask for feedback

It’s true, everyone thinks and sees things differently. That’s why seeking out honest opinions and constructive feedback can be really beneficial for your work and help you see your writing from a different point of view.

10. Surround yourself with interesting people

Interesting people are usually eager to share their ideas and ways of seeing the world with others. Hang around a few interesting individuals or interview thought leaders on your topic and you’ll never have a problem discovering new sources of inspiration.

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11. Make mistakes

Be okay with making a mistake here and there. There’s a lot to learn from making mistakes so you should embrace it. Who’s to say that small mistakes couldn’t lead to a bigger and better way, idea, strategy, etc.

12. Go for a walk

If you’re cooped up in a cubicle all day, make it a priority to go for a stroll around the office. A little fresh air will do you and your mind some good. Block out any thoughts, look up at the sky and trees, and slowly but surely you will find your inner creativity. 

13. Take a nap

It’s near impossible to be productive, never mind creative, when you’re tired and not feeling refreshed or energized. Carve out some time to take a quick, 20-minute power nap or be sure to head to bed early, so you’re able to recharge your mind. 

14. Clean your workplace

A cluttered desk doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working harder. A clean and organized workplace can actually have incredible power over your work. Create a clear path for creativity and keep your work area tidy so you’re able to focus on the task at hand. Also try feng-shui, it’s said to release stress and help you become more productive and creative!

15. Take risks

Think about when you were little. Creativity wasn’t found within the lines of your coloring book! Step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk. The outcome could be greater than you ever thought possible.

16. Read

Reading can open all sorts of creative doors. When we read, we explore different ideas and thoughts that we might not have explored otherwise. Read both fiction and nonfiction to get inspired and see what others have written. 

17. Listen to music

Listen to music, not just to dance like we mentioned above, but while you’re writing to find your inner creativity. Put on a classical, acoustic, or instrumental playlist and tune out the world. Keep in mind, some swear by listening to music, while writing while others find it distracting. You won’t know until you try it for yourself.

18. Collaborate

Have you heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”? Apply it to your creative process. Individual ideas have a way of snowballing into better ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask others for feedback on your work. 

19. Brain dump

Whatever is floating around in your brain — dump it. Get it all out on paper. What once seemed like an incomplete thought or idea, might make more sense once it’s laid out for you to see. Your brain dump material will serve as the frame for a real concept.

20. Don’t give up

Whatever you do, don’t give up. If it’s not working for you today, there’s always tomorrow.

Getting Creative with Social Media

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This post was originally published in 2018 and was refreshed in 2020.