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Revenue Attribution


Streamlining Lead Input into ADF XML Format

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Custom Creative

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Our Automotive Program increases your ROI through…


Revenue Attribution

By using your sales data, we are able to calculate your ROI in real-time. No confusion or financial engineering; our reports are 100% transparent, allowing you to accurately see the value of your investment.


Streamlining Lead Input

Unlike traditional automotive advertising agencies, our proprietary program enables us to input all lead information directly into your CRM in ADF XML format. Using this information, you’re able to see what offer or vehicle the customer is interested in before contacting them.

Dynamic Ad Campaigns


We use your inventory feed to create 1:1 dynamic ad campaigns. If a customer looks at a vehicle on your website and doesn’t fill out a form, we retarget them across multiple platforms with the specific vehicle they viewed. This type of ad targeting results in a quality lead flow as well as an increase in both New and Used sales.


Real-Time Lead Qualification

When a customer fills out a form, our team contacts them immediately via text or email. Based on their response, we are able to mark them as a Warm or Hot lead directly within your CRM, giving your Sales team the visibility they need to quickly close a sale.


Custom Creative

Capture the eye of your customers with our Custom Creative services. Based on your brand guidelines and individual initiatives, we have the bandwidth to create custom Eblasts, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Web Banners, TV Commercials, and YouTube Videos.

Co-Op Submissions


Our team takes care of all your co-op claim submissions, making it hands-free on your end. From submitting documentation to requesting appeals, we handle working with the manufacturers so you don’t have to get involved, making it easier than ever for you to track your investments and reimbursements.

15,000 Leads With An 800% Return on Ad Spend

This year on Facebook alone, Pinckney has helped us generate over 15,000 leads with an 800% return on ad spend. New & Used sales have increased exponentially since implementing Pinckney’s Automotive Program. We are extremely pleased with our results and how consistent their system is in helping us drive our sales forward.

– Geoff Secora
Rock Hill Nissan, Hudson Automotive Group

Generating Leads & Pushing them into Our CRM is a Blessing

Pinckney’s automotive program is exactly what my dealership’s needed to drive growth. Generating leads & pushing them directly into our CRM in the proper ADF XML format is a blessing all other agencies we’ve worked with didn’t understand. Having our salesperson understand exactly what the customer wants before they talk to them has improved our sales process tremendously. Not only are we constantly blown away by our ROI from this program, we are impressed by their commitment for innovation in the automotive advertising space.

– Chris Morgan
Bryson Morgan Group

Their Ability to Convert Advertising Dollars into Sales is Unlike Anything on the Market

I wasn’t really a believer in the whole idea of having an agency handle the digital marketing needs of our dealerships. I felt that my dealership’s needs would get lost in translation and we would end up spending a whole lot of time and money on a partnership that wasn’t beneficial to us. Pinckney’s automotive program completely transformed the way we view things. It’s everything we need to be successful in the realm of digital advertising. Our new & used vehicle sales have increased exponentially since signing onto Pinckney’s program. Their ability to convert advertising dollars into sales is unlike anything we’ve seen on the market. We haven’t wasted a dime on this program. Our return on investment has been exceptional.”

– Tracey Terrell
Quality Automotive Group

The Results We Achieved After One Month Surpassed Anything Previous Vendors had Generated

I’ve been a partner on Pinckney’s automotive program for my dealerships for the past decade. I have nothing but good things to say about it’s effectiveness. Most vendors talk about what they can do, but when it comes down to executing, they fall short. Pinckney’s program is the opposite. The results we achieved after one month surpassed anything previous vendors had generated for us. I was sold from that point on.

– Bobby Gale
Myrtle Beach Chrysler Jeep & Myrtle Beach Kia

Our Creative Work.

We’ve crafted custom creative work for a variety of dealerships. Check out some of our most recent samples.

Case Studies.

The Objective.

To develop a robust paid social plan that maximizes the return on investment for the dealership.

The Result.

A $10,000 initial investment in Facebook advertising turned into $150,000 return for the dealership, a 1,716% return on ad spend.

Automotive Advertising Under One Roof.

Since 2011, we have streamlined our in-house automotive advertising services to provide our clients with a cohesive auto marketing strategy that works. When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about outsourced co-op or custom creative. We do it all under one roof, and have created a process that not only generates quality leads and drives sales, but also provides increased ROI with specialty digital marketing for car sales. At Pinckney, we believe that when sales and marketing are aligned, success is inevitable, and it’s a process we have proven time and time again through our Automotive Program.

Automotive Advertising Under One Roof.

Looking to generate leads, drive sales, and maximize ROI? “Yes” is the only answer we accept. If you’re ready to take your automotive advertising to the next level, we want to partner with you. Request a demo to find results that speak for themselves.

Looking to generate leads, drive sales, and maximize ROI? “Yes” is the only answer we accept. If you’re ready to take your automotive advertising to the next level, we want to partner with you. Request a demo to find results that speak for themselves.

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Cohesive Auto Marketing.

Paid advertising isn’t our only specialty. Align your marketing efforts by taking advantage of our other lead generation services.

Organic Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube — you name it, we can do it. Make sure you’re reaching your customers at the right time, and on the right platform, with highly relevant organic social media content.

Search Engine Optimization

Every cohesive auto marketing strategy should begin with SEO. Increase customer conversions by optimizing your website with keywords your target audience is searching for — without having to pay a dime.

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