A List of the Best Marketing Podcasts to Boost Your Knowledge

Podcasts have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years. There seems to be a podcast for just about every interest or niche you could have whether it be true crime, pop culture, health and wellness, or even video games. For some, podcasts have completely replaced listening to music in the car, while others have never listened to a single episode (yet). Most people listen to podcasts for entertainment, however, you may not know that these audio series can help you boost your marketing knowledge and keep you up to date on the latest trends. 

Continue reading to learn more about the seven marketing podcasts we recommend to sharpen your skills, broaden your industry knowledge, and gain expert advice from the top marketers in the field.

1. This Old Marketing

This podcast by the Content Marketing Institute is hosted by experienced marketers Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. Each 60 minute episode includes a rundown of the latest industry news stories as well as a short segment known as “Rants and Raves,” where the hosts share their opinions on what is going on in the world of marketing. Additionally, each episode includes an “Example of the Week,” which takes a look at CMI’s past marketing efforts and examines the valuable lessons we can learn from their success. You can look forward to listening to this podcast every Friday!

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast 

Want to discover new social media strategies and ways to boost your marketing efforts? This weekly podcast by the founder of the Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner, was started in 2012 and currently has over 400, 45-minute episodes. Each week, Michael interviews industry experts and discusses the latest social media trends such as influencer marketing, TikTok tips, YouTube shorts, and more. Take your brand’s social media strategy to the next level by implementing the ideas given in this podcast to your own plan. 

3. Marketing School

Tight on time? Each episode of this speedy podcast is under 10 minutes long and includes actionable advice from two experts in the industry — digital marketing entrepreneur and founder of NP Digital, Neil Patel, and CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain, Eric Siu. Topics range from SEO hacks to marketing predictions, as well as wide range entrepreneurial tips. In some episodes, the hosts even share personal stories such as their biggest marketing regrets and business lessons they have learned throughout their careers. Since most episodes take up just five minutes of your time, giving this podcast a listen is a great way to jumpstart your work day with creative ideas and motivational tips. 

4. Marketing Over Coffee

Interested in technology as well as marketing? Then this podcast is for you! Marketing Over Coffee is hosted by the author of B2B Marketing Confessions, John J. Wall, and his co-host Christoper S. Penn, who is a professor of internet marketing at the University of San Francisco and co-founder of the innovative PodCamp New Media Community unConference. Each episode is about 20 minutes long and dives into conversations surrounding social media, SEO, data, and more. Most of the episodes feature special guests such as author Seth Godin, former CMO of HubSpot Mike Volpe, and CMO of Waze, Erin Clift. 

5. Online Marketing Made Easy 

Online Marketing Made Easy is brought to you by entrepreneur Amy Porterfield, who has been named one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers by Forbes magazine. Amy is known for teaching business owners how to boost their online marketing efforts “action-by-action.” Episodes range from 20 minutes to an hour and feature expert interviews, mini-execution plans, and behind-the-scenes secrets from her biggest launches. Amy’s mission is for every piece of advice she gives to be as actionable and profitable as possible.

6. Copyblogger FM

This content marketing podcast by Copyblogger covers emerging trends, interesting marketing “disasters”, copywriting best practices, worthwhile news, and practical strategies and tactics. The weekly episodes are hosted by founder and CEO of Good People marketing agency, Darrell Vesterfelt, and owner of Stodzy internet marketing, Tim Stoddart. Episodes range from 20 to 50 minutes and include interviews with rotating experts who discuss and analyze content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

7. The Deeply Graphic Designcast

Interested in graphic design? This creative podcast hosted by graphic designers Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson will spark creative inspiration and expose you to uncommon perspectives. The podcast aims to help creatives improve their careers with in-depth interviews, round table discussions, and instructional lessons. Advice covers graphic design as well as professional business guidance for financial challenges, client relations, and more. 

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Podcasts are a fun, easy way to broaden your marketing knowledge by learning from the most influential experts in the industry. So go ahead, put your Airpods in and sharpen your marketing skills during your daily commute. 

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