Branding Services

What is Branding?

Branding gives meaning to your company by creating and shaping it in the minds of your consumers. It helps viewers identify your company’s products or services through your specific design and voice.

Weak or strong, every business has a brand. Whether you’re a small mom and pop business or a conglomerate, a strong brand is what makes your business memorable. Brand development is one of the most important journeys your company can take. It quite literally defines you.

Oftentimes a brand is formed around a company’s values, culture, and service. From there, a visual brand can be developed to support these points. At Pinckney Marketing, we specialize in creating branding and marketing to make your core values speak to the world around you.

How We Approach Your Branding

We start branding projects by identifying the key benefits that differentiate your company. What makes you stand out from everyone else? Once we learn a bit more about you we do our research. Gathering insights into your industry and competition will help to get a starting point for a successful logo and brand.

After our research is complete, we sketch. A lot. This is one of the most important parts of the branding process as this is where the visual representation of your company is first put to paper. Once the design team comes up with a sufficient amount of logo sketches and line drawings, they will take the good ones to the computer and start creating different logo options.

At this point, they have a pretty good idea of what the visual brand looks like. Then they’re onto the color theory, typography, and sizing.

What Your Logo Should Say

A complete logo should embody your goals and values while also expressing what exactly your company does. Accompanying all of our logos are visual brand guidelines (to help your brand appear consistent, trustworthy and stable).

Raising Brand Awareness With Video Marketing

Video marketing integrates engaging video into your campaigns to visually promote your brand, product or service. Our in-house content marketing, design and production teams work seamlessly together to create radio, television, and web videos that speak to your audiences and convert to watchers to leads.

Your brain will process an image 60,000 times faster than text. With the impact of visual, in mere seconds you can give a visitor an idea of your personality, vision, and give them a sense of trust.

Pinckney Marketing has become an expert at using HD video to tell our clients’ stories. Be it customer testimonials, company culture, how-to videos, video marketing, events & public speaking videos, brand video, or social media videos – we have got you covered.

Our Video Marketing Process

1. Concept Development

Let us help you with video planning. We’ll help write the script, storyboard, and create a look. We’ll back the story up visually with a mood that fits.

2. Acquisition

From capturing the event at your location to creating a location for your story, we’ll help your story unfold. Whether it’s a 1” tall camera that can be on your head, or a camera that is flown 400 feet overhead, let us capture your story from new perspectives.

3. Post Production

Every visual story is written at least three times. Once on paper, once during the performance, and finally in the edit. A great edit not only shows the best visuals, but crafts the story. I could bore you with all the technical specifications we can handle, but let’s just settle with… “we’ve got your HD production covered“. We invest in equipment that helps us tell stories without any technical distractions or limitations.

4. Graphics

Some stories just simply can not be told through the lens of a camera. That is when our motion graphics get involved. Whether we are animating what doesn’t exist or adding vfx to enhance what does, we have you covered. We’ll help create graphics that enhance storytelling, not distract from it.

5. Delivery

Every story is meant to be shared. Whether it’s purchasing broadcast time, embedding in a website, or blasting it over social mediums, we can help get your story out to the masses. After all, that’s why we craft a great story in the first place, to share it.

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