Current Social Media Trends: Changes Happening on Pinterest 

Whether looking for fashion inspiration, tasty recipes, or DIY projects, Pinterest has it all! Known for being a visual platform that allows users to pin –– or save –– all of their favorite content in one place, it is no wonder that pinners just can’t get enough. 

Since debuting in 2010, the social platform has been a go-to resource for users that has evolved with the times. Today, Pinterest has enhanced its eCommerce capabilities, allowing users to browse and purchase items directly from their accounts. This has revolutionized how businesses can use their Pinterest accounts to increase revenue and add value to their brand. 

In this post, we will look at the current social media trends affecting Pinterest and what you can do as a business to stay relevant –– even as unexpected changes occur. 

The Latest Trend on Pinterest 

For the first time in 11 quarters, Pinterest has reported that the total number of users has decreased. In the past three months, the social media platform has lost 24 million users. While revenue was still strong during this period, this is quite a significant change that can have long-term impacts for the company.

Why is this happening?

It’s no surprise that the global pandemic has affected all areas of our lives –– and social media is no different. 

This recent change in the number of Pinterest users can be attributed to the loosening restrictions happening across many parts of the world. Now that countries are slowly opening up, people are visiting their favorite places –– brick and mortar stores, in-person events, and even traveling. As a result, users are choosing to experience these things in person now, rather than pin them to a digital board for later. 

What Your Business Can Do About It –– Tips for Adapting Your Social Media Strategy

Changes in the social media landscape happen in the blink of an eye, and it is your responsibility to navigate these changes in a way that continues to showcase your brand as a solution to your audiences’ needs. 

Even when rapid changes occur, there are steps you can take to continue to optimize your strategy and effectively adapt. Let’s take a look!

Focus on your current followers

It might seem logical for you to actively look for new followers to offset the loss of user reach, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your current community and provide value to your loyal followers. Look at them as your own team of marketers –– if your content is compelling enough, they will be the first to like, share, and comment on your posts. Take advantage of their personal network to spread the word about your brand and watch your business grow!

Continue to add value 

As a modern marketer, your mission should be to provide value to your target audience –– and on social media, your platform should be used to continue to provide your customers with valuable, engaging content. The information you share should be helpful as they look to solve their problems. The moment they see your company as a possible solution, then you can begin to connect with them on a deeper level and move them through the sales cycle.

Stay active using new features 

While you may be faced with changes in user behavior, you should still stay on top of the latest features the social platform offers. This will show that your brand is up-to-date and actively engaging online. For example, new story options, filters, and purchasing methods should be taken advantage of to keep your audience interested.

Keep up with the latest news

Follow the news and industry-specific trends and take time to think about how they are relevant to your target market. As we already know, current events inevitably affect how people behave online, so it is important to stay informed. These insights can help you stay prepared to make adjustments to your business plan. 

Think ahead, create ahead

As you gather insights, consider possible outcomes for your business then begin to conceptualize social media campaigns around them. Not only will you continue to develop your creative skills, but it will also help your team stay agile and think on their feet. If you can stay ahead, you will have a better chance of long-term success on social media. 

Build relevant advertising campaigns

Whether you like it or not, paid advertisements are here to stay –– especially on social media! Social ads that are tailored to your brand and audience are great tools you can use to promote your brand, grow your following, and drive more sales. 

Start by setting goals for your advertising efforts –– do you want to create a brand awareness campaign to get your name out there or do you want to follow up with current prospects to close the deal? Then, get creative with the copy, images, and video used to grab the attention of your audience! Be sure to use calls to action to guide your users to take the next step towards the conversion you want. 

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Don’t be afraid to try new things

When it comes to social media, you have a great deal of freedom to play around with the features available on the different platforms. See if there are any ways that you can use live videos, quizzes, polls, or filters to interact with your audience even further. 

Remember, when it comes to marketing, testing each element of your campaign will help you better understand your audience. Ultimately, this will help you craft a clearer, more relevant message for your next campaign. Take time to assess your efforts and if you don’t see the results you expected, use them to learn how you can improve in the future. 

Stay Relevant on Social –– Work with Our Experts 

As marketers, we know that the key to being successful –– especially on social media –– is staying flexible! Every day, something changes and we must adapt to ensure our message is relevant and makes the most of every opportunity. Instead of spending your time trying to keep up with current social media trends, let our team at Pinckney Marketing handle it for you. 

Our experts will design a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that aligns with all facets of your business. We then regularly monitor your accounts to post, reshare content, and engage with other users to build your following, strengthen your community, and help you grow your business!

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