How to Have Social Media Impact on Facebook

By now everyone is well aware of Facebook and the positive impact it can have on companies and brands. The social media giant has been around since 2005 and has since made a lot of big moves; they went public and acquired Instagram in 2012, they also acquired Oculus VR and What’s App in 2014. What started as a startup is now used by more than 2 billion daily users, making it the most popular social media platform worldwide and has a net worth of over $100 billion dollars.

Facebook has also had their fair share of mishaps with their privacy catastrophe this year and many people losing interest in Facebook, as the other social media platforms gain larger audiences like Snapchat and Instagram.

A report from eMarketer shows that Facebook is expected to lose an estimated 2.2 million adolescent users by 2022, while Snapchat is expected to gain approximately 1.2 million users in the same age group.

When it comes to companies that use Facebook effectively the two major components are an effective ad strategy and an effective ad strategy. No, I did not studder…ads rule all when it comes to Facebook. Let’s take a look at some companies that are standout when it comes to Facebook.

1. AllBirds

The shoe company, AllBirds has killed it on social media, especially on Facebook. They have done this by creating simple, eye-catching ads that explain exactly what their product is, in a short time, to their target audience.

The primary unique selling point of AllBirds is that they are insanely comfortable. They are able to get this across in just a few words and in a 3-second video. The use of the video is also brilliant as video ads generate 10-30% more views than ads that use photos (

In addition, their use of copy was great. They managed to fit a whole customer review, some of the characteristics of the shoe in 22 words!

In addition, the CTA located right underneath is awesome click bait for people scrolling through Facebook and are curious to find out more about the shoe. AllBirds does a great job packing everything into a small, easy to digest ad for people who do not want to be bogged down by tons of copy and annoying pop-ups. 

2. Slack

Slack, the popular office messaging tool decided to tackle Facebook ads with humor. Many brands try to be funny but very few can do it in an effective way. However, if you are able to convey a message and use humor to captivate your audience then you have found yourself a gold mine.

Like the AllBirds ad discussed above. Slack does a great job limiting copy and using simple and effective creative. However, they do so in a way that will make anyone crack at least a little smile. It’s also very relatable as we have all had that feeling after leaving a meeting and thinking “why wasn’t that an email” Slack target that common feeling in this eye-catching, humorous ad. 

3. Halo Top

halo Facebook post example

This healthier ice cream brand took Facebook by storm to promote their flavorful, less calorie treat. Even before you could get it at any grocery store people were talking about seeing the ads and wondering if it was too good to be true. They had a huge social media presence before they even hit shelves nationwide.

Halo Top used captivating creative that encouraged users to interact with the brand. From tagging their friends, commenting, and liking the Halo Top page their ads not only helped to gain brand awareness but helped them to get even stronger following on social media. They constantly were posting photos like the one on the left to increase engagement on their posts.

When using Facebook as a platform for advertising it is important to take everything into consideration. From limiting your copy and making sure to explain your product without writing a novel.

Make sure there is a clear call to action. Use unique selling points or humor to capture your audience’s attention. Make sure your creative is eye-catching and unique so it causes users to stop and pay attention to your ad.

And, if you’re still hungry for more advice on how to use Facebook as a lead generating tool–don’t forget to download our Social Media Handbook here!