These Companies And Their Emails ALWAYS Stand Out In Our Inboxes

Working in marketing and advertising, I constantly find myself unintentionally fangirling or critiquing different companies marketing strategies as a go throughout my day. One of those occupational hazards you could say.

From billboards and TV spots to email marketing campaigns and social media ads, something is always catching my eye (so yes, marketing really does work ?). Along with enjoying those campaigns, I use them as inspiration for campaigns I am involved in too.

While marketing is my day-to-day, today I’m focusing on email marketing. I have listed what I consider to be my eight favorite email marketing campaigns. These are emails I have personally received and appreciated for various reasons. Hopefully, you will be inspired too!

1. Daily Harvest

daily harvest email gif daily harvest email gif

This email from Daily Harvest opens with a GIF of one of their Harvest Bowls being created. This caught my eye and I clicked to find out more about this new bowl (clips of the GIF above). I love GIFs when they are incorporated correctly into email marketing materials because they are more eye-catching than a photo and are known to increase click-through rates, conversion rates, and provide a lighter alternative to video in email.

2. Postmates

Postmates recently launched a campaign sharing the receipts of celebrities that have used the app throughout the past year. One example of this campaign is John Legend’s receipts. Throughout the year, the majority of Postmates’ email marketing is simple: free or discounted delivery for a certain order or time period. This campaign took that type of email to the next level, and while still offering a discount on delivery at the end of the email, gave Postmates users something entertaining to read, an opportunity to visit the Postmates blog and spend time on their website, and increase their email click-through rates.

3. ipsy

Ipsy, a personalized makeup and beauty subscription service, does a great job nurturing old customers to potentially re-join their subscription service again without being too pushy. Part of the initial subscription process is being placed on a “waitlist” until you can get a spot on the monthly Glam Bag list. But this email offers no waitlist and an additional free gift in your first Glam Bag after reactivating your account. The CTA (Call To Action) “Get Your Gift” brings you straight to your account where all you have a do is press a button to reactivate. It makes the user experience as easy as possible and reminds the user of the high-end products you are missing out on.

4. Starbucks

While different than typical email campaigns, this email from Starbucks deserves recognition for its simplicity and directness. This email was likely auto-generated when 300 stars were reached in my rewards account. A great example of how automated email marketing is a great counterpart to other email marketing campaigns. Without any additional work (aside from the initial setup and list creation) from Starbucks, I was notified of my Gold status and learned about the benefits in a brief email. I also appreciate that in this email I was not shown anything else that would have distracted from the purpose of the message.

5. Old Navy

Old Navy probably sends me an email every day. From most companies, I would consider this overly aggressive. But with the number of sales and special offers they have, they really do have something new to announce each day. The email highlighted above is an email that I received a few weeks ago that I opened and immediately made a purchase because the header image announced free shipping on any order (which is always a win, especially when you can return for free in stores). The rest of the email shared other big sales like $8 sweatshirts, $15 jeans, and $5 shirts (if free shipping wasn’t a good enough reason to make a purchase already!)

6. Care.of

Care.of sends emails that are consistently on brand. Something that is very important when creating any kind of content on behalf of a company. Their emails mirror their website and brand with a clean, fresh style. This email is short and to the point while also very visually appealing. The special offer stands out and is also substantial enough to encourage clicks and conversions.

7. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness keeps their customers in the loop with an email newsletter. The newsletter does a great job at summarizing the month for the studio, discussing upcoming events, and sharing other fun information including special hours, referral incentives, member and staff spotlights, success stories, and healthy recipes. While it’s longer than most, each section has value and does a great job including relevant content.

8. Charity: Water

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Their emails to subscribers are always fresh and thoughtful. In this particular example, this email is sent to everyone that signs up for reoccurring monthly donations. It is sharing a story of a woman and community that this organization has helped. It’s important to show where donations go. Charity: Water accomplishes this through email (only partially shown above) is outstanding.

So there you have it, the top eight emails I have been inspired or impressed by. It’s apparent a specific strategy was placed behind each email, they were targeted to specific lists (which meant it was more likely for me to open it) and within the email, different techniques were implemented to reach the end goal of each email.

Something all of these companies and their email marketing strategies have in common–they know us. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. From when we’re most likely to check our inbox to what type of specials will get us to make a purchase–these companies really get us.

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