Google Data Studio: More Than A Reporting Tool

Aggregating data for clients can be time-consuming and, if we’re honest, a bit daunting. Utilizing a tool such as Google Data Studio will not only help bring together Google Ads and Analytics data, Google Sheets, YouTube, Search Console, and so much more; but it will also help you tell a compelling and data-driven story that your client can understand. 

At Pinckney, we believe transparent reporting is the key to a healthy relationship between client and agency. With a wide variety of clients that we serve, some understand marketing, reporting, and how to analyze information, while others rely heavily on us to ensure that their hard-earned money is being used in the best way possible. Being able to create custom, honest and digestible reports using Data Studio ensures that we are doing the best we can for them. 

If you want to learn how to use Data Studio on your own, or are simply curious to see how we use it to connect with our clients, this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn how to leverage Data Studio to foster your client relationships. 

What is Google Data Studio?

Data Studio is a free tool designed to help turn your data — both paid and organic — into bite-sized, digestible pieces. Each page within the tool is fully customizable and can share as much or as little information as you would like. Taking advantage of the multiple lines, bar, or pie graphs and charts, geo maps, bubble graphs, paginated data tables, and pivot tables will help visualize all of the information that matters most to your clients. 

Beyond being able to choose the style to display the data, you can also choose your themes, create filters, include links, images, and provide text insights where you see fit. Most importantly, these reports can be easily shared with clients with adjustable dates to accommodate any reporting schedule they may have. 

Who is Data Studio useful for?

If you have a website or sell online, Data Studio is the tool you need to tie all the pieces together. Utilizing the live data control over the 440 connectors allows for the freedom and flexibility to share all the information that you require. As an agency reporting tool, or as a freelancer in paid advertising or SEO, this is a terrific tool to share with clients. Don’t be afraid to share the numbers! An open dialogue between you and your client is the best way to improve your efforts and develop a more trusting relationship. 

Getting to know Google Data Studio

Data Studio can be taught through utilizing various forms of research. Personally, I recommend the Google Analytics course and even YouTube. 

The course takes approximately two to five hours to complete, depending on how much time you can commit. This time is spent understanding how to integrate various data sources, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. The course allows you to understand the various possible integrations, how to effectively implement the multitude of available charts, and how to make it a report that is easily digestible for the client. 

Should I use filters?

Referring to YouTube is also a great resource to understand the usage of filters. These filters allow you to create more granular information to share with the client and be able to pinpoint various areas of the account that are doing well, or those areas which need some improvement. With these filters, we can also segment websites based on multiple pages, service countries, and product categories. We can analyze their time-on-site and even how much time a customer is spending on a specific page. 

With this information at hand, it allows us to advise the client to understand what pages on their website are performing well and what pages we can improve on. Filters can even tell us what devices customers are using to access the site and how long they spend on it. This information will tell us how well the site is optimized and how effectively the paid campaigns are performing. Data Studio makes it easy to quickly analyze bounce rates, session duration, and new vs returning users, too. 

Transparent Reports, Right At Your Fingertips

“If I can explain it to my mother, I can explain it to anyone.”

Any time you are working with a client who is using paid advertising on the internet or Google Analytics, use Data Studio! Don’t hide behind complex verbiage and muddled-up graphs and charts. Create something that your customers can share with anyone! 

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