Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with the HubSpot Operations Hub

If you are involved in the operations side of your business, you know the many challenges of attempting to integrate the various softwares and CRMs that are used from one department to another. 

In your attempt to solve these problems, and make your tools work better for your teams, you may have come across HubSpot –– an “all-in-one” inbound marketing and sales platform. This software allows you to automate many of your business processes, saving you valuable time and resources. Moreover, its ability to manage data and report on your marketing actions provides powerful insights into what is working well and what can be improved. 

The Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS hubs are now joined by Hubspot’s Operations Hub –– the latest addition to the HubSpot toolkit. Designed to alleviate the friction causing your marketing flywheel and customer experience to suffer, this new product is an operations team’s new best friend. Overall, it will help streamline your organization’s operations to ensure your teams are making the most of every business opportunity that comes your way.  

Together, let’s discover Hubspot’s Operations Hub capabilities and how you can take advantage of these new features to run your business more effectively and foster growth. 

Overview of Operations Hub

Harmonizing various departments and teams has never been more simple! The new Operations Hub unifies your operations under one platform, allowing for streamlined processes and perspectives. Not only will your day-to-day business operations run more smoothly, but the reports and models created will provide key business takeaways you can use for annual strategizing and planning. 

Data is cleaner, manual tasks are now automated, and your experts have the flexibility to tailor actions to their exact needs –– all in all, this hub allows your teams to do their jobs more efficiently. 

Advanced Capabilities of HubSpot Operations Hub 

The Hubspot Operations Hub can be divided into three main areas –– Data Quality Automation, Data Sync, and Programmable Automation. Let’s take a closer look at these capabilities and how they will help your business continue to grow.

Align your Data with Data Quality Automation

As technology continues to advance, automation has created new opportunities for marketers, sales teams, and other business departments to improve their communication with their target audience. 

With the data quality automation feature of the Operations Hub, your CRM cleans itself –– so you can improve your customer experience through efficient, up-to-date data actions that happen automatically. These updates include a new set of workflow actions that clean up or fix properties, capitalize first names, update phone numbers, and keep all your data records organized and controlled.

Adopt Information with Data Sync 

Data Sync allows you to automatically share data between HubSpot and other apps without manual entry or imports/exports. It’s a native connected tech stack that acts as a custom-built connector with bi-directional syncs, custom field mapping, filtering, and historical syncing –– all in one simple, code-free package. Through automated syncing, your operations teams save countless hours otherwise spent manually updating data, all while improving the overall accuracy of the information used to develop your entire marketing strategy and campaigns.

Adapt with Programmable Automation

Every business is distinct, faced with particular challenges, processes, and opportunities. Now, you can code within HubSpot workflows and strengthen your automation to adapt to your customer’s needs. 

Three specific features in Operations Hub can now improve your automation capabilities –– custom-coded workflow actions, custom-coded bot actions, and webhooks in workflows. Using JavaScript or any Node.js library, you can create custom actions for your workflows and bots that allow you to program new steps based on relevant customer touchpoints and behaviors. For example, you can manipulate your data to assign leads using lead scoring information from both HubSpot and your other data systems to populate the value within HubSpot. 

HubSpot Operations Hub Packages and Pricing 

The new Operations Hub comes with three distinct plans available to purchase, giving you the control to choose the best-suited package for your business. The packages and pricing include:

Free Plan 

  • HubSpot Sync –– two-way data sync with default field mappings 
  • Ecosystem Integrations –– all 3rd party integrations  

Starter Plan –– $50 a month 

Includes everything in the free package plus, Hubspot Sync with custom field mappings for your data.  

Professional Plan –– $800 a month

  • Programmable automation –– custom code actions in workflows and bots. 
  • Webhooks to pass information from HubSpot to another web application.
  • Additional capacity in your portal for an additional 3,000 reports, 300 dashboards, 100 lists, and 100 workflows. 

Not sure which plan would be best for your business? 

Contact our team of experts to schedule a meeting to discuss your wants and needs!

Value of Operations Hub

Regardless of if you have an operations department or not, we believe that this advanced hub is a must for your organization. This latest addition to the HubSpot platform solves many of the daily challenges your business may be faced with –– especially as you continue to grow and increase your organization’s capabilities. Instead of having siloed departments, you now unify your teams, making it easier to take on new business opportunities confidently. 

While operations teams are typically used by an organization to solve problems after they occur, this tool provides them with the time and resources necessary to manage the internal systems, processes, and information. Instead of your team wasting time having to put out “fires”, you can now take complete advantage of their skill set and scale your business, without compromising the quality of the customer experience. 

Our HubSpot Partnership at Pinckney Marketing

At Pinckney Marketing, we are proud to be HubSpot Partners –– a partnership that allows us to better serve our clients. From automated email workflows to custom landing pages, lead capture forms, tracked CTAs, plus social media and blog posting features –– HubSpot grants you the freedom to execute all areas of your marketing strategy in one place. 

Our team of experts are HubSpot certified to implement strategic marketing campaigns and make the most out of HubSpot’s powerful functionality. If you would like to schedule a strategy session with our team to discuss the best next steps for your business, contact us directly by clicking the button below.