Why Your Business Should Invest in Content Marketing

With so many different ways to interact with your audience, it can be a challenge to know how to spend your marketing budget. You want to ensure that your marketing efforts are going to reach the appropriate audience, by providing them with the information they are looking for, at the right time. 

Content creation has become a fundamental part of a successful inbound marketing mix, given its ability to provide the audience with solutions to their problems. From the copy on your website to emails, blog posts, and social media, all of the messages that your business shares with its audience are a part of content marketing. So, if you want your business to stay relevant, creating quality content is going to be an important piece of your overall strategy. 

Here are six reasons why your business should invest in content marketing and incorporate it into your marketing plan.

1. It’s a Cost-Effective Strategy

When compared to traditional marketing strategies, content creation is a more effective way to interact with your audience. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising but can deliver three times more leads or traffic — yes, you read that right! This organic method of reaching your audience is not only less interruptive for the consumer, but it also helps increase your reach for a much lower cost. Nowadays, nearly 28% of marketers have adjusted their budgets to invest in content marketing.

2. Builds Relationships

When you invest in content marketing, you are investing in the relationship you have with your target audience. If you create content that helps solve your audience’s problems, they will perceive you as a credible resource that they can turn to when they need solutions. In order to achieve this, you should plan to create content that is directed to each of your buyer personas within each stage of the buyer’s journey. Over time, this strategy will build trust with your audience and they will view you as an authentic and transparent brand. 

For any relationship to be successful it requires consistent effort, so your content marketing strategy should provide your audience with quality content on a regular basis. Even after your customers have converted, it is important to continue to use your content to strengthen the relationship with them. This can be done by providing customer service support or additional exclusive offers. Eventually these actions will lead to brand loyalty, as well as possibly turning them into promoters of your brand and business. If you continue to focus on developing these relationships, your business will see results long after you make that initial investment in content marketing.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

With consumers constantly being shown advertisements across many different channels throughout the day, making a brand easily recognizable is a challenge many marketers face. One way to work around this problem is to invest in content marketing. By creating high-quality content, you can share with your customers who your brand is and tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience. While this won’t happen overnight, you can use your platform to continue to develop your image and increase brand awareness. 

4. Helps to Grow Your Social Media Following

Social media is a key part of content marketing that allows you to influence your audience in an organic way. Today, customers want to feel like they are interacting on a more human level with businesses, and the conversational nature of social media has the ability to do just that. Your audience will want to like, comment, and share content they find interesting and entertaining, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your social posts.

By consistently posting and sharing relatable content, you can expand your reach and increase your social media following. Social media campaigns are also a great way to nurture your leads through the marketing funnel, as well as keeping them delighted with your business, even after they become a customer. 

5. Improves Your SEO Ranking 

One of the things that crawlers are looking for when they crawl your website is the content on each page of the website. When you invest in content marketing, you are adding valuable information to your site that will improve your overall SEO rankings on search engines, especially if you are creating new content, or refreshing old content that is performing well. 

A great way to add more pages and content to your website is by having a blog. This allows you to incorporate more targeted keywords and phrases in titles, subheadings, copy, and alt text that attract more qualified leads. One of the most effective strategies to implement when creating your blog is to use topic clusters and pillar pages to organize the content you create by keywords. By having a page with lots of valuable content that other blog posts on your site link to, you can improve your SEO ranking. High-quality content will also improve your opportunity to receive backlinks from other industry leaders and reputable sources that improve your credibility and add even more value to your website.

6. Attracts More Quality Leads

When your business creates content that is directed to each of your buyer personas, you ensure you are attracting the right audience. This improves your chances of them converting because you already know that they are looking for what you have to offer. Attracting quality leads ensures that your business isn’t wasting lots of time and money on people who aren’t genuinely interested in taking the next step in the buyer’s journey. This strategy allows your audience to engage with you when they are ready and in need of your product or service.

Invest in Content Marketing With Pinckney

From branding to increased sales opportunities, and everything in between, content marketing has the potential to take your business new heights. 

At Pinckney Marketing, we specialize in creating quality content for our clients that is based on extensive research of their target audience and industry. By using these insights we can guarantee that the content you share will attract more traffic to your site and provide your team with more qualified leads. 

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