A Complete Guide to Social Media for Luxury Real Estate

When working in luxury real estate, finding ways to connect with the right clientele is crucial, since not many people are looking to buy a multimillion dollar property. So how do you effectively reach this niche demographic? 

The majority of luxury home buyers begin their real estate search online by exploring possible areas and properties. This provides an opportunity for luxury real estate companies to network with and acquire affluent clients through various online platforms, such as social media. With over 3 billion users worldwide, a strong social media strategy provides the unique ability to reach a wide range of luxury home buyers and sellers. In marketing, these potential buyers would be considered your target audience. By knowing how to connect with them online, you significantly increase your chances of converting these potential leads into clients.

Continue reading to learn how to effectively utilize social media for luxury real estate. 

1. Introduce Your Realtors

When choosing a real estate agent, personal connection is key for homebuyers. Purchasing a luxury property is a significant financial investment and can be a time-consuming endeavor.  Since luxury real estate buyers are typically extremely busy, they are looking for an agent they can trust to handle the details of the transaction.  

Introducing your realtors on social media can be the first step to building the personal relationship between your company’s agents and potential clients. Start by posting a professional photo of each agent in your office, along with a short biography about who they are and what makes them so great to work with as a real estate agent. 

Include information such as their experience, what they love most about their job as a realtor, and most importantly, what sets them apart in their industry.

Marketing Tip: Create a carousel post in order to effectively share important information about each agent in your company. 

2. Promote the Area

When utilizing social media for luxury real estate, it is equally as important to promote the town or city your realtors sell in, as it is to promote the homes. This is especially true if your company is based in an area where people are buying second homes or relocating, such as resort destinations or up-and-coming cities. 

Highlight things to do around the area, activities for families, as well as how living there will elevate their lifestyle. Most cities and towns have official social media accounts that your real estate company can repost to share all that your town has to offer. Share local businesses and the specialty products or services they offer, as well as town events and unique amenities that may spark the interest of your luxury audience. Whether it’s the scenic natural landscapes or the endless opportunities of things to do, showcase what sets your region apart from the rest. 

In addition, dive deeper into each neighborhood or pocket community within your city or town. Which neighborhood is best for families? What about buyers looking for privacy? These are all questions that can be answered via your company’s social media posts. 

Marketing Tip: Save evergreen information such as home buying tips or neighborhood aspects as a highlight on your Instagram profile so buyer’s can find (and benefit from) this information at any time. Time-sensitive posts, such as available listings, are better suited as feed posts or stories.

3. Provide Value to Buyers and Sellers with Helpful Tips

When it comes to marketing your real estate company using social media, it is important to constantly be providing value to your followers. You can do this by sharing relevant resources and information that may help educate clients about the real estate industry in your area. If you have a real estate blog, make sure to promote it on your social media pages in case your followers are unaware you have a blog in the first place.

Marketing Tip: Think of social media as a way to provide value to potential clients and prove to your audience that you are in fact experts in the luxury real estate industry. For example, share your company’s thoughts on how current events are affecting the real estate market. 

4. Give Video Tours of Current Listings

When selling luxury listings, photos alone will not do these one-of-a-kind homes justice. Instead, opt for high-quality video tours that showcase the floor plan and artfully designed features of the property. Walking from room to room can give potential buyers a real feel of the home and help them envision themselves living there.

Property views are of utmost importance to luxury home buyers, so if the home features a city skyline view or is tucked into nature, make sure to show that off. Furthermore, drone footage captured from above can give your audience an idea of the scope of the property and upscale features such as private docks, tennis courts, and so on. 

In fact, video content typically receives higher exposure and engagement on social media channels. The Instagram algorithm heavily favors reels, or in-feed videos, over photos. 

Marketing Tip: Not all social media platforms are built the same when it comes to reaching your ideal client. It is important to consider the lifestyle and habits of luxury homeowners depending on the area. For example, an agent in Los Angeles, where luxury home buyers tend to be on the younger side, will likely resonate on Instagram or even TikTok. Homeowners in places that cater to an older demographic, such as Sarasota, will likely be more active on Facebook. 

5. Feature Customer Testimonials

As mentioned above, trust is of key importance to clients when deciding which real estate company to use. What better way to showcase your expertise than testimonials from previous clients who have already worked with your company? Personal testimonials are a great way to establish trust and credibility with the luxury clientele. 

Marketing Tip: Create a graphic of the most impactful quote from the testimonial and post it to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 

6. Highlight Honors and Awards on the Top of Your Profile

Is your luxury real estate company a recipient of any prestigious honors or awards? These awards should be shared with your audience on social media. Most luxury home buyers look for companies with experience successfully buying and selling high-end homes. Post any awards, press, and achievements to boost your credibility. 

Marketing Tip: Sharing these achievements on your business LinkedIn page will help establish yourself as a leading company in the real estate industry. Make sure to add these achievements to your “featured posts” so they are more visible. 

7. Use a Sophisticated Brand Voice

As a high-end company, it is important that your brand voice on social media reflects your unique perspective. Brand voice is the tone and manner in which your company speaks to its audience. For luxury real estate companies, it is important that your brand voice is sophisticated and elegant. Use descriptive language in the caption that really sells the home as well as the experience of living in the city or town.

Marketing Tip: When writing social media captions, the tone and voice of your captions can make all of the difference in how your company and homes are perceived by your audience.  For example, instead of stating “the home has a pool,” write “the home features a Mediterranean-inspired pool, perfect for relaxing days spent lounging in the sun with friends and family.” 

The Bottom Line on Social Media for Luxury Real Estate

As seen above, a great deal of effort goes into effectively running luxury real estate social media platforms. Photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media specialists, and copywriters are all needed to effectively showcase all that your company has to offer. 

Luckily, we at Pinckney Marketing are here to help! With years of experience working with luxury real estate companies, we have perfected our process for creating an effective and personalized social media marketing strategy that draws in potential clients. 

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