How Marketing on TikTok Can Help Your Business

In late 2018, ByteDance Ltd., an internet technology company based in China, acquired the rights to an app called The app consisted of users recording clips of themselves lip-syncing to music. The company quickly merged with its own video-sharing platform and thus, TikTok was born. 

TikTok is a social media app where people can post short videos ranging from about 15 seconds to one minute long. But, it has evolved into much more than just mouthing the words to songs — you can now utilize a seemingly endless supply of filters and effects to edit your content. These features opened the doors wide open for those looking to shoot and share original videos far more creative than simple lip syncing clips. It didn’t take long for the app to reach unparalleled levels of popularity. TikTok’s Q4 revenue for 2019 was over 300 percent from Q4 of 2018, demonstrating the exponential growth in just one year.

One of the reasons TikTok has become so popular is due to the use of the app by Gen Zers, who make up 60% of the 1 billion users. This generation has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to trendsetting in the world of social media. In the US alone, Gen Z boasts 74 million people who make up 40% of consumers, so your marketing efforts should definitely focus on targeting them.

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Using TikTok to Market Your Business

From professional sports teams to boutique clothing stores, everyone has been taking advantage of this user-heavy platform. The app is one of the best ways to encourage user engagement. It’s introduced a whole new way to reach fans and followers by allowing them to participate in popular trends and challenges.

There are plenty of ways you can utilize TikTok to market your business, so set up an account if you haven’t already. Here are some great examples of things you can do to incorporate the app into your marketing strategy:

1. In-feed ads

The timeline of TikTok, where users do their scrolling, has the occasional ad pop-up. They’re usually in the form of a video so viewers can’t necessarily differentiate your advertisement from other people’s content, making it a more natural way for the audience to be exposed to ads. These should be paired with uploading relevant videos on to your channel, so when someone clicks on an ad they are brought to your page where they can see even more content. 

2. Upload relevant videos regularly

This is a great platform to share your business’ story and show your audience things they might miss from other social media platforms. Posting regularly is important, as you want to keep traffic to your profile consistently high. If you’re having trouble coming up with video ideas, take a look at these examples for inspiration:

  • If you own a boutique, post “try-on” videos where you showcase the items in your latest inventory
  • Hairstylists can post progress videos detailing the cutting or dyeing process and show the before and after
  • HR managers can show “how-to” videos pertaining to their industry to share insider knowledge
  • If you sell a product that requires at-home assembly, post a video of someone following the instructions and building it

3. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing has been proven to be effective — oberlo reports that for every $1 you spend on this, you can expect an average return of $18. Finding local influencers that will post about your products and services will increase your exposure and help you draw in new customers. If they have a significant following on TikTok, posting a video about your business could reach and engage people that you might not have on your own. Also know that 8 out of 10 consumers have reported purchasing something that was recommended by an influencer!

4. Participate in trends

TikTok is known for its viral trends like the dances that thousands of people emulate on their own profiles. So make sure you’re staying in touch with what’s popular. In fact, the songs they’re choreographed to often end up charting on Spotify due to the increased popularity of the tunes. Getting on board with trends can draw attention to your page because people will be specifically searching for them. From there they’ll naturally be led to your videos if they’re on-topic. 

5. Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtags increase engagement and build awareness around your cause. Challenge your customers to participate in hashtag challenges for small prizes or store credits they’ll actually want to compete for. As stated above, choreographed dances are extremely popular on TikTok. Consider coming up with your own and asking your followers to attempt it and upload it to their account! This is a fun way to expose their followers to your business and also ties into experiential marketing — creating an experience your audience will remember. 

What’s Next

At Pinckney Marketing, we’re always looking for the latest trends in our field. Which is why we’re so excited to see how far TikTok can go. In the ever-changing world of social media, we understand the importance of staying current and in touch with our consumers; we pride ourselves on our social media strategy. If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your social media presence, check out our free, downloadable Social Media Handbook for useful tips and tricks. 

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