Why Marketing to Humans Should Be The Center of Your Campaigns

We are living in an age where technology and data are everywhere –– and with lengthy spreadsheets and reporting dashboards filling the majority of your workday, it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters: your customers. In reality, marketing to humans should be at the forefront of your business strategy. After all, your business would not exist without them.

In this post, we will take a look at ways in which you can reconnect with your customer base and reignite that passion that first motivated you to start your business. 

What is Human-Centric Marketing?

From branding to advertising, a human-centric approach puts your customers at the center of every marketing action you take. Similar to inbound marketing methodology, this strategy requires a deep level of empathy in order to be effective. Instead of interrupting someone’s day, or pestering them repeatedly, you strive to offer value as they move along their decision-making process –– building an authentic, emotional connection with your customers over time. 

In order to practice human-centric marketing, you have to take the time to really get to know your audience and develop a deep understanding of who they are, what challenges they face, and how to naturally showcase your solution. 

5 Strategies to Create Human-Centric Marketing Campaigns

To bring the human element back into your marketing efforts, here are five strategies to get in touch with your customers and help drive revenue for your business.

1. Get to Know Your Audience 

One of the very first things that you should do when implementing any marketing strategy is to create buyer personas for your target audience. If you take the time to research your customer demographics and behavior, you can greatly enhance your campaign and overall chances of success. 

When creating these target customer profiles, ask yourself: Does this persona represent my actual customer, or is it who I want my customer to be? Oftentimes, we confuse the two and focus on a customer who isn’t currently converting or showing interest, instead of the ones who are going to give us a larger return on investment.   

Take some time to really get to know them and you will discover many new opportunities to optimize your marketing campaigns and tailor the experience to meet your customer’s needs. 

2. Understand How to Engage Buyers in Your Marketing Ecosystem

Gone are the days of the marketing funnel! Today, marketers need to think of their efforts of marketing to humans as an ecosystem –– with all the pieces working together to help you create a valuable collection of resources across various platforms that drive conversions for your business. 

At the center of your marketing ecosystem should be your website, designed keeping the user’s experience in mind. Every page on your site should provide valuable information explaining how your product or service will alleviate your audience’s pain points. Each time you create an ad,  optimize a landing page, send a newsletter, post on a social platform, or write a blog post ––  any action that provides value to both your customers and your brand –– you are growing your marketing ecosystem and creating more ways to engage with your audience. 

3. Put the Customer at the Center of Every Action

Before you execute any new marketing campaign or strategy, make it a habit to ask yourself: How does this action benefit my customer? When marketing to humans, every decision you make should consider their experience first. To accomplish this, imagine you are the customer and understand your product, service, and buying experience from their point of view. By keeping the customer top-of-mind, this strategy will drive continuous improvement for all areas of your business. 

4. Gather Feedback from Your Audience

Take the guesswork out of the equation and directly ask your audience to provide feedback on your business. Surveys, interviews, or focus groups can offer the information you need to identify areas of improvement and how to start implementing them to resonate with your clients. Make it a point to regularly seek feedback from your customers, as it will drive continuous improvement for your organization. 

Remember that time is precious, so be sure to reward your participants for their responses. Taking the time to listen to former customers and showing your gratitude helps you continue to demonstrate that you care about their needs, helping you build trust with your brand.  

5. Implement New Strategies and Technologies in Your Process

Once you have gathered information from your audience, it is time to take action! Begin by creating a strategy for implementing solutions to solve any of the pain points they have brought to your attention. Not only will this enhance their experience, but it will also help you continue to build trust with your clients.

While you may think that technology and artificial intelligence have significantly reduced valuable interactions when marketing to humans, they have many benefits that can actually improve your communication with the people you are trying to reach. When used effectively, technology can help you connect with your target audience at the right time –– remember that’s what effective marketing is all about!

Consider incorporating a CRM software system to make managing your customers a streamlined process and add value to your teams. The software will form a strong foundation for your business processes which will trickle down into all areas of your organization.      

Put Your Customer First With Pinckney Marketing

At Pinckney Marketing, we strive to put our clients first, understanding that the relationship we have will ultimately shape the success of their marketing and business goals. We go beyond the traditional scope of work to adjust our marketing strategies to the current behaviors of our target market. Our team works diligently to provide our clients with a level of service that is unmatched in the market today.

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