A Step-By-Step Plan For Managing Your Social Media Accounts When Out Of Office (OOO)

We’re the inbound marketing team here at Pinckney Marketing. Together we manage upwards of 30 social platforms for our clients. It is certainly a lot of work for two people, especially in the summer when we, other members of our team, and our clients are frequently OOO. We’ve found that being prepared and staying organized allows us to keep our social media presence up even during the craziness of the summer months. In an effort to help you and your team maintain a strong social presence and keep your followers’ feeds full of your content, we thought we’d outline our step by step plan. 

1. Plan social media content in advance

Use a content planning calendar to plan your social content as far in advance as possible. While planning by month is fine, planning for three months allows you to properly promote things like upcoming webinars or tease new products. Plus, planning content for when you’re out of office allows you to ensure the content that needs to be posted while you’re gone, gets posted. 

Check out our Social Media Planning Template which will help you plan and draft your content in a quick and efficient way.

2. Find a social media scheduling tool that works for you

Step two. Use marketing automation to your advantage. Automation has changed the game for us digital marketers. Find a social scheduling tool that works for your needs. Here at Pinckney we use Hubspot’s social scheduling tool and Buffer but there are also plenty of other great options including:

3. Take social media page insights into account

Step three. Look at Facebook and Instagram insights or Followerwonk for Twitter insights to assess which days and times are best for posting. Through your social scheduling tool, pre-set 2-3 times a day where your posts will be seen and engaged with by YOUR followers. This way, you can trust that your content is going out on time even when you’re sipping’ margaritas on the beach! 

4. Don’t stress about Instagram scheduling

Step four. Go OOO without having to worry about Instagram scheduling notifications. Remember last year when you had to log in to Instagram to push a post live? Thankfully, now you can schedule your business’ Instagram posts directly through your preferred social scheduling tool. Keep in mind you can’t schedule carousel images—you’ll still get notifications for those. 

The reality of it is, managing one (or multiple) social media accounts can feel like a burden, but it shouldn’t take away from your time out from the office. With these steps, we hope you’re able to set your away message, clock out, and trust that your social planning and scheduling will hold your accounts alive and followers happy. But if your team doesn’t have the internal bandwidth to manage your social accounts, let us know! We’d be happy to help

You may also be interested in our FREE Social Media Handbook. Organic posting is great, but there is so much more potential with social media than brand awareness. You can actually build strong social media campaigns that allow your business to generate tons of great leads. Our Social Media Handbook will tell you how!

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