Website Evaluation Checklist

As time goes by, and your business grows, it is very important to continuously evaluate your website and make sure you have the foundation to support your brand, and the traffic you are working to drive to it. Evaluation keeps things fresh and helps you to improve.

Website redesigns can be expensive, but if you are not offering the all-in-one solution people expect, inaction may end up costing you more!

Looking for a good starting point? Here are four tips to consider when evaluating your website:

  1. Your Website Must Reflect Your Brand Strategy
  • Create seamless customer brand experience – leave visitors with a positive experience
  • Constantly update your site to reflect your messaging
  • Be intentional with your content – your content is your voice – be consistent
  • Be informative
  • Develop a mobile-friendly experience – over 50% of visitors are on mobile devices
  • Humanize your brand – showcase your staff and any community involvement
  1.    Attract the Right Clients
  • Know your audience – develop ideal buyer profiles
  • Focus quality visitors instead of the quantity
  • Tailor content to the development of your audience
  • Become a thought leader
  • Create multiple landing pages for different products or services
  • Build out negative buyer personas
  • Provide the information your visitors are seeking
  1.    Decrease Your Bounce Rate
  • Maintain clear messaging that matches website content
  • Improve SEO to increase searchability
  • Use attractive and useful meta descriptions
  • Create clear headers and subheaders
  • Perform regular UX audits and make necessary adjustments
  • Reduce the number of Pop-ups to avoid distractions
  1.    Call-to-Action Buttons and Landing Pages
  • Remember that engagement is the goal
  • Maintain a clear path to conversion
  • Design CTA buttons to stand out
  • Create compelling content with a solution(s) to their need
  • Keep your forms simple, only include fields for the information you need

For more information on how to build a successful website, download our free guide for 25 websites must-haves!