Every company has its own unique culture, but marketing agencies, in particular, have some well-known stereotypes. Below we’ve listed the telltale signs that you work for a marketing agency (that may or may not apply at Pinckney).

The Tell-Tail Signs You Work For A Marketing Agency

1. There are millennial perks everywhere.

Marketing agencies are known for creating an environment where people are comfortable spending long hours. There are creature comforts throughout the office to help you feel at home and get your creative juices flowing. This usually means things like a dog-friendly workplace policy, beer (and kombucha, in our case) on tap, and comfortable seating in open spaces. There are also games, like ping-pong and darts, to help you unleash your competitive spirit and let your brain get into a flow state for peak creativity. Outsiders may see these as unnecessary “millennial perks”, but those of us in the biz know their purpose and would call them “telltale signs you work for a marketing agency”.

2. Most of your coworkers are under the age of 30.

Agency life attracts a particular type. It’s usually a mix between the “young and hungry” and the “seasoned vets”, leaning more toward the “young and hungry”. Because agencies are on the cutting edge of marketing trends and offer plenty of opportunities for learning and growth, the work tends to appeal to a younger audience. Other industries may see this as a disadvantage, but marketing agencies know that a young workforce operates nimbly, bringing in a fresh perspective and technical skills that deliver timely success for clients. If your office is full of 20-somethings, it’s likely you work for a marketing agency.

3. Everyone around you is a go-getter.

Agencies are fast-paced and there’s often more work than there are hours in the day. That means your team has to be on board with achieving at a high level, and if they’re not, they might not make it in the industry. If you’re surrounded by ambitious, accomplishment-driven coworkers who thrive off of achieving goals and checking off to-do lists, that’s a telltale sign you work for a marketing agency.

4. You’re always learning something new.

Marketing agencies work with a variety of clients across a number of different industries. Since strategies can vary greatly on an industry (and even on a brand) level, agency employees are consistently learning something new. At Pinckney, we’re always pursuing additional HubSpot and Google certifications, attending conferences, and researching new concepts to stay cutting-edge. If your co-workers watch HubSpot Webinars and read websites like Marketing Land and AdAge, you probably work for a marketing agency.

5. The office has a very social vibe.

Most agency work is a true team effort and you need to constantly be in touch with your teammates to stay on the same page. Between desk meetings, texting, calling, emailing, and “slack-ing” the conversation is always flowing. Marketing agencies also strive to create an environment that encourages collaboration and efficiency among teammates. From organized happy hours to team-building events and a collaborative office layout, agencies tend to play up the social atmosphere rather than tone it down. Sound familiar? If so, chances are, you work for a marketing agency.

6. Marketing jargon and acronyms are a part of your language.

In this industry, acronyms and jargon are necessary to communicate. Not a day goes by without saying PPC, SEO or SEM. Something’s always being A/B tested, an Inbound Marketing campaign is running, and personas are being tweaked. Marketing Automation is an essential part of your workflow. CTA’s are being added and evaluated. TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU are a constant discussion. If these sound like your daily conversations, you probably work for a marketing agency.

7. You have the latest and greatest technology.

How can you produce cutting-edge marketing campaigns without the latest and greatest technology and gadgets? Drones for recording videos? Ring lights for website headshots? Marketing automation platforms? Marketing agencies have to have it all. If your office is full of new gadgets, you may work for a marketing agency.

There you have it! Do these telltale signs ring true for your workplace? While they make look like odd workplace characteristics to those not in the marketing world, we know each item on this list is crucial to a culture of success.

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